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Products & Services

The robust products and services offered by DFG will help merchants build sales and achieve results.

Please choose a product or service below to fit the needs of your business.

Small to Midsize Laptop/Desktop Solutions - By taking advantage of your Internet connection, our Laptop/Desktop solutions will allow you to process payments and perform a variety of functions right from your home or business.

RetailRetail - With solutions specifically tailored to meet the daily business requirements of retailers, we can enhance your payment processing system as well as your overall operational efficiency.
E-commerceE-commerce and Marketing- The Internet is rapidly becoming the most popular retail outlet in the industry. We provide merchants with the ability to easily set up a virtual storefront on the Internet and offer secure transaction processing.
MobileMobile Solutions - Our wireless offerings are uniquely designed for merchants on the go and create convenience and flexibility, while also opening new sales opportunities to reach a wider audience and increasing profit potential.
Online ReportingOnline Reporting - Take advantage of our years of experience in relevant and reliable reporting. Whether you need to search for a transaction or review deposits, you can access the information you need - when you need it - with our comprehensive reporting tool.
Gift CardsCustom Gift Cards - Build customer loyalty, repeat traffic, and brand awareness by offering customizable gift cards in different denominations. Use our expertise to develop the gift card product that's right for you and one that won't penalize customers.
Check ProcessingCheck Processing - Eliminate costly bank fees and delayed payments by converting personal and business checks to electronic payments. Quickly authenticate consumers, verify funds and identify potentially fraudulent activity.

Does your business need working capital?

Click Here to find out about a simple way to get working capital based on future credit card sales without the hassle of complicated applications and related fees. Let us show you how we can provide capital to your under-served, credit-worthy business without the typical restrictions and fees that are associated with a traditional loan.